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His Angel (Eyeless Jack x Reader)
A/N: Kinda of a flash back chapter. It's basically gonna show you how EJ feels about you and what not. ENJOY~
Your heart started to hammer against your chest as Jack creeped closer to the bottom of your window. You thought about rushing downstairs to tell your parents or at least scream for help , but you were frozen in silent fear.
You lost sight of him once he reached the bottom of your window. You heared a shuffle , as if someone was climbing and then you saw him. He looked exactly the same as he did the last time you saw him. Same bluemask. Same dark bottomless 'eyes' , but there was something diffent about him. He was literally shaking with exciment. Almost as if he was ecstatic to even be near you , even if there was a window blocking his path.
You stared as he began to jiggle your window open. He slipped inside and practically tackled you onto your bed. He was shivering with excitment while he nuzzeled the side of your neck. He lifted his mask up to the top of his nose and burie
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 997 345
E.J. x Reader - A Special Card

    Sometimes things are just hard. 
    Wither it be from getting up in the morning to climbing a mountain there is always a challenge to everything. The only time things aren't challenging is when you have mastered your activity. Walking was hard at first, but now your a class A walker. Well...compared to then. When you were young the microwave seemed to be a magical box that warmed food, but as you get older it becomes part of your daily routine. 
    Though some things never get easy, like confessing to the cute girl in town you have been obsessing over since you first saw her. I know it sounds a little stalkerish, and even weird, but there was little to be done when you were wanted by the police. Living in the forest near town I hummed as she walked by, giggling with friends as she headed home. Letting out a sigh hearing her laugh I hummed as I quietly followed her from the safety of th
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 272 85
Monokuma (Blush) [V1] by Jerikuto Monokuma (Blush) [V1] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 89 5 Slenderman Icon by Its-Sweater-time Slenderman Icon :iconits-sweater-time:Its-Sweater-time 89 79
Eyeless Jack x Reader - Television
(Y/N) Had woken up due to loud noises coming from the loungeroom. Getting up slowly from her (F/C) bed, she starts to slowly trudge towards the loungeroom. As she walks the smell of kidneys and blood begins to get stronger.
"It must be E.J." thought (Y/N) rolling her (E/C) eyes. As she peeked around the corner she found out she was right. It was Eyeless Jack watching (TV show) ... While eating kidneys of course. She quickly strode over to Eyeless Jack on the couch, ending with a plop on he sofa, which made him jump. He turned to look at (Y/N), as if asking 'What are you doing here?'. His mask was only above his mouth, not revealing the other features of his face. You already knew he was eyeless, but of course he still kept the mask on. As you looked toward the television, where he was watching (TV show), you raised a (H/C) eyebrow.
"Why is he watching this?" (Y/N) thought as she saw the scenes acting out. Jack seemed to make a coughing sound to get your attention, and your (E/C) eyes q
:iconhailgenocide:hailgenocide 142 14
Feverish dream (Tokyo Ghoul:re - Juuzou x Reader)
A blissful smile spread over your face as you came to stop in front the CCG headquarters. Even though you had the day off, you'd made up your mind to stop by and pay one of your co-workers, Juuzou to be exact, a visit. Earlier that day, you'd baked a strawberry cheesecake and knowing that the stitched male has a sweet tooth, you'd decided on brightening up his day with some home-made baked goods. And so you'd packed the raven-haired investigator a 'desert lunch-box' and made your way to your workplace.
“Good afternoon, everybody!”
You greeted your colleges in a cheerful tone as soon as you entered the office department you and Juuzou work at and gave them a small wave with your free hand while making your way over to the ruby-eyed man's desk. You took a quick glance at the neatly wrapped box you were carrying and couldn't but break into a wide grin as you started to imagine Juuzou's reaction to your small present. Totally absorbed in your daydreams, you didn't watch where y
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 201 24
Differences. (Uta x Reader One-Shot)
He should be everything you despise. His appearance, his character, his very being. He was everything that screamed 'abnormal' and yet you couldn't help but feel attracted to this strange guy. You didn't mind the fact that he was a ghoul. In fact, you interacted more with ghouls than with humans. Ever since your parents died and you were taken in by Yoshimura. You never thought a ghoul could be so caring. He taught you everything you knew and now you were working at that small cafe, Anteiku, in the back of an alley. All the non-human customers knew you were not to be touched. You met him at his shop, when Yoshimura asked you to deliver a strange package there.
Your (e/c) hues lit up as they spotted a mask shop. You were intrigued by such things. Yoshimura warned you he had a habit of scaring newcomers, but you didn't take him seriously. That is, until he actually did it, a scream escaping your lips as you put your right hand on your chest, feeling your heart pound like it was about to
:iconxkiaraangelx:xKiaraAngelx 675 92
Tell Me I'm Wrong, Darling 1
Manga/Anime used: Shugo Chara
Pairing: Amuto (Amu x Ikuto)
Rating: T
He was thinking of her for the 583rd time that day. He'd counted. Ever since that day they'd first met, she was always on his mind. She had been running. From what, he didn't know. All of a sudden, she fell into the hole where he'd been napping and landed right on top of him. Thinking of it always made him chuckle. That was the first time he'd seen those beautiful, golden eyes.
"Amu..." he whispered. It had been over a week since he had last laid eyes on her. Already he missed her terribly.
His thoughts were interuppted by the ringing of the phone. Ikuto stared at it for a few seconds longer before deciding to pick it up. "Hello?"
"Ah, Akane-chan. What's wrong?" Akane was his only friend at school. He was always cold to others who tried to get close to him, so eventually everyone just gave up trying. Akane had been different though. At first whenever she would try to talk to him, he would give her
:iconraining-pandas:raining-pandas 59 22
Amuto Ch. 2
Amuto-Chapter Two:
It had been about two weeks since Amu had seen Ikuto at the mall with Tadase. Amu felt a blush creeping onto her cheeks, “No!” She yelled at herself, “You don’t love him!”
Ran, Miki, and Su rose up out of their eggs, “What’s with all the yelling, desu~?” Su asked Amu while rubbing her eyes. Amu looked over at her three charas, Su of all of them should know what her deliema was. “Nothing, I’m sorry I woke you.” She looked away from her charas, unable to face them. She was so embarrassed, and to make it worse, Tadase had called earlier and broke up with her over the phone.
“Come on Amu-Chan,” Ran sat on Amu’s shoulder and moved her hair back from her face, “What’s wrong?”
“It’s…It’s…” Tears forming in Amu’s eyes, she finally spat out, “Tadase broke up with me today…Over the phone.”
“Whaaat?!” Ran, Miki, and Su both shrieked in
:iconxxcloudsxofxmiseryxx:xXCloudsXOfXMiseryXx 19 15
Ikuto x Amu Fanfic Ch. 1
Amu sighed and then her arms started flying, “I don’t have anything to wear on my date with Tadase-kun!”
“Amu-Chan!” Amu heard Ran say, “Miki just finished a design! You have to see it!!”
Amu looked over to Miki who was in her egg drawing, “let me see Miki.”
Miki handed over her drawing pad, Amu’s face lit up, “it’s perfect! Thanks Miki!”
“I know, now let’s try it on!” Miki said excited, “drew, draw, drawn!” Then Amu appeared in a new outfit, “Thanks again, Miki! Hey, where’s Su?”
“Over here!” Su was making cookies, “give them to Tadase-sama!” Su smiled.
Amu smiled back, “sure Su.”
Amu was in 10th grade now; her chest was developed now so she wasn’t teased by anyone anymore. Usually by now, Ikuto would have been here, annoying and teasing her. But, he had left more than three years ago.
Amu sighed; she admitted to Su she missed him. Su only knew th
:iconxxcloudsxofxmiseryxx:xXCloudsXOfXMiseryXx 64 20
Quiet Jealousy - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
You threw up your legs carelessly on the table, nudging a cold cup of coffee aside; Uta’s workspace was cluttered. You lifted a foot to poke at the endless amount of tools hung before you, halting at the lilt of a familiar voice.
"(Name)-chan, please stop. I’d rather you screw around in someone else’s shop if you’re so bored.”
“Maybe I’ll go find a human to play with,” you drawled in return, inspecting your nails as Uta began to weave through the displayed masks, headed toward you.
"Humans are not to be toyed with," Uta scolded you quietly, pushing your shoes off his table with tentative fingers. He held up and scrutinized a pin and some tool with a flattened end, pointing it lazily in your direction. His red and black eyes bled mischief.
"You're not supposed to play with your food."
You chuckled lightly as he turned and leaned against the wood desk, pulling out his sketch pad from a drawer without looking. There stretched a comfortable s
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 1,103 95
Gratefulness | Uta x Ghoul!Reader
“You looked like you needed a little pick me up.”
With your fingers curled against the handle of the mug, you couldn't help but enjoy the heat radiating onto your knuckles. This cup of coffee wasn't for you however, it was for your boyfriend who had acquainted his face with the top of his desk. You had never seen Uta work so much in the years you had been together. Honestly, it unnerved you how his eyes hardly blinked or how his diligent fingers never seemed to halt as he created his facial masterpieces. Yes the fruits of his labor were beautiful, but his quota seemed to be never-ending nowadays.
Uta had discussed to you how he was getting more orders than he has within the last few months. Many ghouls were commissioning him for masks, you assumed so they felt some sense of security against ghoul hunters that knew them by face. Or that they wanted to get their hands on one of your boyfriend's works and honestly, you couldn't even blame the ones who had that mindset. You wer
:iconatr0cities:atr0cities 364 17
You Made Me - Uta x Reader {Drabble}
You sighed and shifted, kicking off the sheets sticking too-warmly to your legs. Crickets whistled outside, their cadence a lonely accompaniment to your case of restlessness. 
You found your listless gaze falling on the back of your peacefully dozing boyfriend, watching the gentle rise and fall of his side with sharp envy. The hot summer night gave you no purchase in the dream world, and you were endlessly aggravated by his tranquil breaths and the deafening silence in between.
You scooted closer to his bared back, pinching your brows together and chewing your lips until they released, an idea sweeping away your edge.
Making sure to keep your touch featherlight, you dragged a finger down Uta’s spine, admiring the dip and smoothness of his skin. You traced over a tattoo that obstructed your curious path, pushing down the blanket further over his waist. Your mouth twisted upward when he groaned and fell onto his back, his face bobbing in your direction.
Uta took out some of hi
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 395 53
Morning - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
He always woke before you would. 
Sometimes you wondered if Uta even slept the way his eyes regarded you with alertness shrouded behind a mien of coolness, a look you always saw past. His dark eyes would be the first thing you saw because of how much he 'enjoys seeing you so innocent.' 
But today, as you slowly surfaced into the realm of the living, your bleary gaze focused on a peacefully dozing Uta. 
You stared at him in shock; how many mornings had you spent with him, only to wake to his probing hands or gentle kisses? Aside from being surprised, you immediately set to burn the image of his mouth being slightly parted, his eyebrows perked up, small nasally inhales filling the silence exuding peace. 
Uta made a noise to puncture your moments of observance, his lips forming around incomprehensible sleep jargon. You barely suppressed a laugh when he kicked his legs out, jutting you in the shins. 
To avoid further conflict between flying limbs, you tangled your
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 400 26
Morning - Kaneki x Reader {One-shot}
His eyelashes fluttered under the caress of the sun, the light illuminating his angelic features. A whispering sigh snuck past his full lips and he tossed his head to the side, tousling his thick hair in the process. You admired the white-black tendrils between your fingers with a smile, gently tugging when he murmured something in his sleep.
“Haise,” you sang, biting your tongue to stave off laughter when Sasaki jerked in his sleep. You’d think, with his complacent, quiet presence, he’d be a still sleeper. That clearly was not that case.
Leaning over, you caged in Sasaki’s head with your arms and stooped to press your lips to his ear. “Wake up,” you whispered, kissing his cheek. His body stilled, restless limbs faltering with your tender touch. 
You felt his awakening by the kiss of his eyelashes against your skin, a broad smile painted upon your lips as you leaned back to watch Sasaki begin to stir. His head bobbed back a
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 216 28
Crybaby - Child!Kaneki x Child!Reader
The flowers can be seen fluttering wide open, slowly absorbing the warm rays of the sun. The fallen leaves can be seen being carried away by the warm breeze of the wind, tingling against everyone's skin in the process. The trees swayed gracefully, almost like a dancing ballerina, in rhythm with the harmonious song she was asked to danced to. The loud ring of the school bell echoed across the hallway, signaling the students for their long-awaited break.
A certain raven-haired boy ran out of the classroom hastily, a gleeful grin plastered across his face, not minding the people who were staring at his figure. He was too excited to care. Today was the day he would borrow the book which he had reserved. Apparently, the idiot who borrowed the book back then took so long in reading, leading the bookworm to wait for several days until he finished. But that didn't concern him anymore, he wanted to take the book into his hands immediately.
He was too focused on the book that he didn't notice a
:iconflyingheichou:flyingheichou 39 13



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